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Brochures and information booklets


The publications below are not for sale.



 Scheepers Catharina (dir.).  1991. 

 Contemporary Bushman Art of Southern Africa:  

 Kuru Cultural Project of D’Kar, Botswana.

 S.I.: Die Republikein Printers.


 C. Meyer, T. Mason, P. Brown (dir.). 1996.

 Contemporary San Art of Southern Africa:  

 Kuru Art Project of D’kar, Botswana.

 S. I.: The Artists’ Press


 Kuru Art Project, Contemporary San Art. 

 The Artists’ Press



Pole International de la Prehistorie/RUP’ART (co-ed.). 

2008. Creer pour exister / Art for Existence: 

Les artistes San du Kalahari / San Artists of the

Kalahari. Maugein imprimeurs tulle.




Leila Baracchini (ed.).  2014. 

Rêves de Kalahari/Kalahari Dreams:

L’art du Kuru Art Project/The Art of the Kuru Art

Project. Imprimerie des Bergues SA, Carouge.






Artists Books



In 1994 the Kuru Art Project, in collaboration with The Artists Press, produced the limited edition artist’s book QAUQAUA, A San folk story from Botswana told by Coexae Qgam.


This was the first book ever written in a San language, as told by a San person, illustrated by San artists and bound in traditionally tanned goat skin. It contains eleven original lithographs signed by the artists.


In 2001 Qauqaua was selected for the “Voyages Exhibition” of the Smithsonian Institute Libraries and was listed by the Grolier Book Club as one of the top ten highlights of the exhibition.


For more information about this book contact The Artists Press at www.artprintsa.com






Other Publications in Collaboration or about Kuru Art




GOLLIFER Ann, EGNER Jenny. 2011. Dada Coex’ae Qgam. I am one of a kind. I don’t know why I was created. Gaborone: Eggsson books.


This very special limited edition book is a tribute to the late artist Coex'ae Qgam, popularly known as Dada.


For more information about this book contact www.anngollifer.com





NELSON Marilyn. 2012. Ostrich and Lark. Boyds Mills Press.


This is beautiful and poetic children’s story written by Marilyn Nelson and illustrated in bright colours by artists of the Kuru Art Project.


For more information about this book go to www.boydsmillspress.com/bmp/books/picture – books - fiction /ostrich-and-lark





VAN DER CAMP Ankie. 2012. Contemporary San Art: Storytelling Art of the Kalahari Desert Bushmen of Botswana. La Mongolfiera.





Since 1994 the Kuru Art Project has produced a full colour art calendar each year.